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Monthly Rubber Statistics Malaysia, April 2022

Release Date : Wednesday 15, June 2022 1200

Malaysia natural rubber production decreased by 20.0 per cent in April 2022

The Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM) today released Monthly Rubber Statistics, Malaysia, April 2022. This publication consists of statistics on production, imports, exports, domestic consumption, stocks, prices, number of employees, salaries & wages and productivity of rubber estates.

Natural rubber production decreased by 20.0 per cent in April 2022 (22,498 tonnes) as compared to March 2022 (28,106 tonnes) mainly attributed to wintering. Year-on-year comparison also showed that the production of natural rubber decreased by 2.2 per cent (April 2021: 23,013 tonnes). Production of natural rubber in April 2022 for Malaysia was mainly contributed by smallholders sector (88.1%) as compared to estates sector (11.9%).

Total stocks of natural rubber in April 2022 decreased by 4.1 per cent to 297,673 tonnes as compared to 310,433 tonnes in March 2022. Rubber processors factory contributed  92.5 per cent of the stocks followed by rubber consumers factory (7.4%) and rubber  estates (0.1%).

Exports of Malaysia's natural rubber amounted to 58,755 tonnes in April 2022, increased 10.2 per cent as against March 2022 (53,328 tonnes). P.R. China remained as main destination for natural rubber exports which accounted 39.7 per cent of total exports in April 2022 followed by United States (11.3%), Finland (4.5%), Egypt (3.2%) and Iran (2.5%). In addition, the exports performance was contributed by natural rubber-based product such as gloves, tyre, tube, rubber thread and condom. Gloves were the main exports of rubber-based products with a value of RM2.2 billion in April 2022, an increase of 8.6 per cent as compared to March 2022 (RM2.0 billion).

Analysis of the average monthly price showed that Latex Concentrated recorded a decrease of 2.5 per cent (April 2022: 666.47 sen per kg, March 2022: 683.57 sen per kg) while, for type of Scrap decreased by 0.7 per cent (April 2022: 586.65 sen per kg, March 2022 : 591.02 sen per kg). The movement of prices for all Standard Malaysian Rubber (S.M.R) declined between 0.8 to 2.5 per cent. World Bank Commodity Price Data reported prices for TSR 20 (Technically Specified Rubber) and SGP/MYS (Singapore/Malaysia) decreased 2.4 per cent (from USD1.75/kg to USD1.70/kg) and 1.3 per cent (from USD2.12/kg) to USD2.09/kg) respectively.




The full publication of the Monthly Rubber Statistics, April 2022 can be downloaded through eStatistik Portal.

For more details, please refer to the Department’s portal: www.dosm.gov.my


Data for April 2022 is provisional. The data will be updated based on the latest available figures and subsequently published in the May 2022 publication. 


Released by: 

15 June 2022


Contact person:

Mohd Yusrizal bin Ab. Razak 
Public Relation Officer
Strategic Communication and International Division
Department of Statistics, Malaysia
Tel : +603-8885 7942
Fax : +603-8888 9248
E-mail : yusrizal.razak[at]dosm.gov.my

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