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Malaysia’s current account hit a record of RM62.1 billion in 2020
DIA registered a net outflow of RM5.4 billion in Q4 2020.
FDI recorded an inflow of RM6.1 billion in Q4 2020.
Exports 2020: Palm oil and PO-based Products, RM73.3 bilion
Electrical and electronic (E&E) products was 39.4% of 2020 Exports

Malaysia External Trade Statistics By State 2020

Release Date : Friday 18, December 2020 1200


  • Malaysia’s exports in 2019 were RM995.1 billion, down    0.8 per cent from 2018. Imports also decreased by 3.5 per cent to RM849.4 billion.
  • The decline in exports was attributed by lower exports mainly by Sabah (-RM7.2 billion), Terengganu (-RM4.7 billion), Johor (-RM3.3 billion), Sarawak (-RM2.5 billion), Melaka (-RM1.8 billion), W.P. Kuala Lumpur (-RM1.0 billion), Kelantan (-RM1.0 billion), Pulau Pinang (-RM0.8 billion), Perak (-RM0.4 billion) and Perlis (-RM0.2 billion).
  • However, exports increased in Pahang by RM12.2 billion, Kedah (+RM3.0 billion), Selangor (+RM1.0 billion), Negeri Sembilan (+RM1.0 billion) and W.P. Labuan (+RM0.4 billion).
  • At the same time, the decline in imports was due to lower imports from Selangor (-RM9.6 billion), Pulau Pinang (-RM7.9 billion), Kedah (-RM2.8 billion), Perak (-RM2.1 billion ), W.P. Kuala Lumpur (-RM1.8 billion), Melaka (-RM1.6 billion), Negeri Sembilan (-RM1.1 billion), Sarawak (-RM1.0 billion), Johor (-RM0.4 billion), Perlis (-RM0.4 billion), Sabah (-RM0.3 billion), Pahang (-RM0.2 billion) and Kelantan (-RM0.2 billion). Terengganu and W.P. Labuan recorded an increase in imports of RM1.7 billion and   RM0.6 billion respectively.
  • Pulau Pinang, Johor, Selangor, Sarawak and W.P. Kuala Lumpur accounted for 80.2 per cent of Malaysia's total exports.


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18 December 2020


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